Radka Myslikova

Painting, Photography, Curating

© Radka Myslikova 2014


Landscape, Acrylics on Paper, 2012

My paintings evoke my moods, I use colours to express  myself. I use bold thick marks to create my images.My  abstract paintings mostly stem from my imagination, I let  myself go and see what happens on paper or board. I find  inspiration in other people’s work, when I visit exhibitions  or

 talk to fellow artists. Although my main subject matter

 is abstract I also produce representational works, mainly  based on inspiration from nature, flowers and landscape

 that surrounds us.

When I paint I like to use different media for my artworks.

 I like my work to be varied and versatile. I work mainly in  acrylics, and oils and use paper, card or board. Sometimes

 I experiment with collage.